Sunday, July 6, 2008

Concert Review - Miyavi live in Munich 29th June 2008

Aloha folks,

it has been quite a while since my last posts. I was very busy in Munich taking up a new job opportunity that kept me totaly occupied for the whole week and left me unable to post here. Well now it is sunday and I have some free time so I decided to share my impressions of the Miyavi concert I was able to see while I was in Bavaria.

kavki boyzThe location was the Backstage in Munich which seems to be the number one spot for visual kei artists to perform. Right after the security check I was handed a flyer for an upcoming Balzac concert in August. No idea if I will have a chance to see them too, hope I will be lucky. Funniest thing about the security check were the boxes full of confiscated items they had standing around. If you are thinking of sharp scissors or even weapons in there you are wrong. The only items I saw in all the boxes were .... well .... hairspray bottles hahahhahaha. Considering the audience -mostly young girls- it makes alot of sense. The only guys I saw were definetly their boyfriends, feeling unhappy that they missed the first half of the Europen Championship soccer finals between Spain and Germany which was broadcasted in a public viewing event approx 100m away from the concert. Exactly that event might also have been the reason for the concert to start at 7pm since Miyavi wanted to watch it too, at least he mentioned the game a couple of times and that he was going for Germany, who lost in the end as I found out after I got home from the concert.

miyavi live 2008The gig itself was completely unforgetable. I had some small doubts about the performance because Miyavi never really convinced me that he is a great vocalist. His guitar skills are hard to match and I was sure he wouldn't dissapoint me on that but now I can tell you that his singing does sound even better live. Now I make it sound asif Miyavi was doing it all alone which is a mean lie thinking of the awesome show the Kavki Boyz deliverd. Tyko and Saro located on the left n right side of the stage most of the time busted some very nice moves in sync with Miyavi in the center. Saro smiling from ear to ear all the time, sweating allover and filling the air with watery clouds as he clapped his hands. He was a pleasure to watch with all the joy on his smiling face.

teddy loidAs I mentioned in some previous posts I had a look at several concert reviews before my big day with Kavki Boyz. Something that amazed me was the fact that so many people were talking about the cute DJ and even so I really love DJ Hanger's music I didn't get the point. In my personal opinion he looks very cool, especially with his mohawk, but he isn't a role model for what I consider to be "cute". Noone ever mentioned his name though and at the concert I found out why, he isn't touring with them. Instead of DJ Hanger Miyavi brought Teddy Loid to Europe and yes oh my god what a cutey. The best moment in the concert for me was the Funky Monkey performance by Miyavi and Teddy only. Teddy beatboxing his lungs out and Miyavi kicking it with his insance slap guitar skills. I think I was standing there with open mouth not knowing what to say, it was too good to be true. Couldn't find a video of it with Teddy Loid, but I got the exact song performed with Tyko. Just use a little imagination :P

Miyavi and Tyko - Kimi ni Funky Monkey Vibration (live, beatboxed)

Another important member of the crew, whose name I was unable to discover, is Miyavis personal roady or stage assistant. Whenever Miyavi jumped onto his amplifiers he was the one kneeling behind them making sure Miyavi wont fall off and break his neck. He also had a very busy time making sure Miyavi was always in reach of a working microphone while climbing on the sides of the stage. And well, he was also the one who suddenly jumped onto the stage to carry Miyavi into the off like a baby, his guitar still around his neck. I don't know if he really collapsed or if it was just a show. It took him about 20 minutes to show up again in a new outfit and during that time Teddy took over and rocked the crowd with his remix show supported by Tyko.

Well overall it was an astonishing experience to see them all live and not just in youtube or on dvd. What I loved most was the variety of the whole show, so many different sounds, genres, styles ... all mixed together in a colorful cocktail that still felt as one whole homogene performance. Don't think twice if you get the chance to watch one of their gigs. You will never forget. It makes me sad I can't see them again on this tour before they are off for Asia again *sniff*

Don't miss it!

This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock! .... the one and ONLY!

And one last word to Miyavi and Teddy ... guys! Eat more rice!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Track of the Day - Nightmare - White Room

Hi again,

not much words today to bore you. I'd like to fast forward straight to this Track of the Day double feature with Nightmare / Sendai Kamotsu. 2 bands, very different styles, but the same bunch of people doing it.

Nightmare - White Room

Sendai Kamotsu - Gei School Otokogumi!!

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News and Rumors - We signed up at Social Spark!

Happy sunday everyone,

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Have a great weekend

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News and Rumors - New Dir en Grey Single Release

Better late than never I came across the news that Dir en Grey will release a new single named Glass Skin on 10th september 2008, which will also be the start of their upcoming national The Rose Trims Again tour across Japan. Other sites rumor that it might also be produced by Yoshiki, which is great, technically ... let's just hope they can keep up with the release date and that it won't steal Yoshiki's precious time working on the long awaited S.K.I.N. album.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Track of the Day - D'espairsRay - Brilliant

Happy monday :P

Mmmmmmhhhhh yummy ... there is a new D'espairsRay video on the tube with tons of great live footage from this unbeatable japanese visual kei band.

D'espairsRay - Brilliant

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Very melodic again and also rocking to the bone ... the magic D'espairsRay recipe. What a good start of the week is that?

Wish you all a great monday. Let's rock!