Tuesday, November 20, 2007



Thanks alot for visiting our blog about visual kei, jrock and everything connected to it in means of fashion, style, culture, news and rumors. We, Fei and Brax, are two ambitioned rockers, located in central Europe, who are always looking out for new music, styles, just anything that gets us going. Some might consider us a bit of the hook for our excentric taste and the fact that we feel the need to share it, others love us for being unconventional and different.

In our blog we provide you with information, aswell as initiate discussions about visual kei and jrock related topics suited for people who never even heard about it aswell as longtime connoiseurs of the scene. The big goal down the road is to gather newbies and vetarans together and get to hear what they have to say. Jrock and visual kei still happens to be a quite unknown topic considering mainstream impact outside of Japan, so it isn't very easy to find people to actually have interesting conversations with. Honestly ... many people in our field of close friends mostly get an eyeroller or headshaker when we start with visu bands or gothloli. So as you can see this whole project wasn't started based on humanitarian motives. We don't try to rescue the world or save the universe. We just like the idea of connecting our personal picture about a special aspect of japanese subculture with you and see what happens next.

Since this is a blog majorly fosusing on music and fashion it shouldn't amaze that we try to utilize a huge variety of media into our blog. I can't deny that I'm a complete Youtube addict, so of course you should be prepared to get bombed with music videos and alike. We are aware that this might not be the perfect choice in order to get our blog onto as many user's screens as possible, especially when it comes to slow internet connections or smartphones. Well, we don't do this for money or fame. This ain't no "money making" or "search engine optimisation" blog. The world has already seen enough of those and needs something different. We try to transport the flavor of jrock and visual kei to you in an honest way. Therefor we think we have to make intelligent use of different media types to gurantee you the best possible experience when you read this blog.

Furthermore I'd like to add that neither Brax nor me are native english speakers. We both learned it in school and got alot of practice due to our jobs. Therefor I expect us to produce alot of typos and silly mistakes. We try our best to correct most of it but our limited capabilities might interfer. In case you stumble upon some of those little buggers, please let us know. Thanks so much for bringing up the patience and motivation to read this blog. We hope to see you back here and hear something from you.

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nyappy_in_the_world said...

Hello Fei,

You have such a great blog that gives information and news about visual-kei. I haven't checked your artist database yet so I would like to link your blog in my blog. My blog is basically about music review related to visual-kei so both of us will benefit from this. So then again, I hope you'll be linking my blog in your blog. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Please have a look in my blog

xiao^fei said...

Sounds like a great idea. Fine with me ... I'll get my link section on in a couple of days. Any preferences on what section I should throw yours into? Anime? Style? Music?

Thanks alot for your comment ... have a great time.

Almakos said...

hi xiao^fei (just know that xiao from chinese means "small" ^^')
you have a very nice and stylish blog
I like those skulls very much

I also have a blog, but it is jpop-related. More to say, there are just female artists :)

So wish you goodluck with what you are doing and have fun ^_<