Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News and Rumors - New Dir en Grey Single Release

Better late than never I came across the news that Dir en Grey will release a new single named Glass Skin on 10th september 2008, which will also be the start of their upcoming national The Rose Trims Again tour across Japan. Other sites rumor that it might also be produced by Yoshiki, which is great, technically ... let's just hope they can keep up with the release date and that it won't steal Yoshiki's precious time working on the long awaited S.K.I.N. album.


rosalie said...

,.hello!wow.,what an inspiring message,.,.well,thank you so much!that really inspires me,.,hmm,yes that is true that crab mentality is not only for filipinos,.,it's around the globe,.,but it's too popular here,hmm,do you think we can get rid of that sucking attitude?.,...,..,
well for me i think yes!if we really want it,starting ofcourse on ownself.,.

braxhelix said...

Yep that is the right starting point. Before we can blame someone for doing something bad we should make sure we are not commiting the same mistakes. And that applies to the whole world ... not just the US or the Philippines.

Hope dies last Rose :D