Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Band Feature - Dué le Quartz

Welcome to the first band feature in here. Today I want to tell you about one of my all time favorite bands ... Dué le Quartz

Dué le Quartz was a Japanese visual kei rock band that formed in 1999 . The band had a fanclub formed in 2000 that was called "Baby Merry". After releasing three albums, several singles and a greatest hits compilation, the group disbanded in 2002. Dué le Quartz were vocalist Sakito, bassist Kikasa, drummer Kazuki and guitarist Miyavi.

Outstanding trademark of the band was the insane artistical skill of all its members. Miyavi is considerd to be one of the best guitarists in the whole visual kei scene among Hide or Mana. Same goes for Kikasa who loved to use very challenging, jazzy elements in his basslines. The only member of Dué le Quartz facing constant criticism concerning skill was their vocalist Sakito. In the end it might come down to a matter of taste but it should be mentioned that Sakito sounds much better live than on studio recordings and this should also be taken into account.

The musical style of Dué le Quartz goes along with the japanese version of Rock. Their songs are full of contrasts and therefor anything but boring. Having a fetish for unconventional rythms and melodies they established their own, progressive sound consisting of hard guitars, dominant bass, rocking drums, a couple of samples and synths here and there and maybe a little scratching.

Just as extreme as the music they released are the different personalities that happend to form up Dué le Quartz. Miyavi, always adressing his fellow band mates as Mom, Dad and Jiichan, once answerd in a questionnaire that he considers Dué le Quartz to be the world's number one band. Well ... he surely didn't suffer from a lack of self confidence ^-^.

Dué le Quartz outfits in videos and concerts ranged from gothic lolita fashion to school uniforms or smokings. The band always spent alot of efforts on their fashion which happens to be just as extreme and full of contrasts as their music.

  • 1999 - Mikansei no Jekyll to Hyde
  • 2000 - Jisatsu Ganbou
  • 2002 - Rodeo
  • 2002 - Best of Album
  • 2001 - Dear...from XXX
  • 2001 - Bitter
  • 2001 - Replica
  • 2002 - Last Title

Dué le Quartz - Rodeo

Dué le Quartz - Requiem, live at Shibuya Ax

Another fanpage

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Anonymous said...

so they parted on their free will??

could u email me back on yunsan26 @ hot mail . co. uk ? because i might not come back to this page ...

braxhelix said...

Yeah it seems they did. Rumors say that it had something to do with Kikasa, who completely left the scene afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Eh? Kikasa didn`t leave the scene, and he still plays drums for Figure..