Monday, November 26, 2007

Band Feature - Inugami Circus-dan

Welcome to a new band feature. Today I'd like to introduce a quite controversial Japanese visual kei band named Inugami Circus-dan.

Inugami Circus-dan are a Japanese visual rock band. The band's name literally translates to "The Dog-God Circus Troupe" and was inspired by the surreal movie "Den-en ni shisu". They started in 1994 when Kyoko placed an advertisement in Garo, a manga magazine. They always considerd themselves as an independant live band even so they already signed at a major label and released several studio albums and music videos.

Inugami circus are known for their offensive lyrics and visuals. The lyrics deal entirely with society's tabooed issues, with subjects ranging from incestuous rape to human cannibalism. Their mottos are based on freedom of expression and freedom of the soul. Their visual element consists of the female singer Kyoko wearing a kimono and messed up makeups, and the rest of the band wearing military-style uniforms, inspired by WWII nazi uniforms. They also wear Gothic and Kabuki style make-up.


  • 1999 - Jigoku no Komoriuta
  • 2000 - Hebigami-hime
  • 2001 - Ankoku Zankoku Gekijou
  • 2002 - Kaidan! Kubitsuri no Mori
  • 2003 - Kami no Inu
  • 2004 - Greatest Hits
  • 2005 - Sukeban Rock
  • 2006 - Kejijou no Eros
  • 2001 - Jinkou Ninshin Chuuzetsu
  • 2003 - Saigo no Idol
  • 2003 - Inochi Mijikashi Koiseyo Jinrui!
  • 2004 - Saisho no Tobira
  • 2004 - Tsugou no Ii Onna / Honto ni Honto ni Gokurou-san
  • 2007 - Jigoku ni Ochita Kodomotachi
  • 2007 - Hikari to Kage no Toccata

Official homepage


Inugami Circus-dan - Sennou

Inugami Circus-dan - Honto ni honto ni gokurosan

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Daiichi Kuronama said...

I'm not sure I'd call them Visual Kei. I think their sound is a little more 'hard rock' than Visual Kei. They don't have any very fast songs. Also, their singer is a real, live, honest to goodness WOMAN!