Monday, November 26, 2007

Fashion Magazine - Gothic and Lolita Bible

A truly unique fashion magazine focused on the latest trends in Gothic Lolita style. It contains galleries for most of the major gothic or lolita brands, Photoshoots with jrock stars, lifestyle and decor patterns, street snaps, hair and makeup tips.

Each issue features stunning color photos of visual kei band artists such as Mana (Moi dix Mois), Kazuki (Raphael), Aya (Psycho le cému), Kana or Miyavi. It's also loaded with numerous photos of real-life boys and girls right off the streets of Harajuku who are dressed impeccably in style. The magazine is a must for keeping up with the latest trends in the Gothic Lolita fashion and is surely worth 1300 Yen. Besides the regular issues several specials were released. One of them focusing on new hair and make up tricks.

As always I hope you enjoyed reading. In case you found any wrong infos or errors in this document please let me know so I can update this blog in a correct form. Any comments or ciritcisms are more than welcome.

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Selene said...

I've heard that Tokyopop is going to start publishing it in America. Do you have any idea what the price will be?

xiao^fei said...

What I heard is that Tokyopop will release the Gothic and Lolita Bible as a pocket book starting February 2008. That sounds asif they aren't publishing the original magazine in a translated form. Guess it will be more like a collection of Gothic and Lolita Bible articles printed as a book. The price at Amazon is approx 20 US$.

Thanks for the hint btw >_<