Friday, May 30, 2008

Fashion Items - Wacky Japanese Shirts


even so it is not really my business in here I came up with some fashion links for all of you who like goofy japanese shirts. Our partners at JList offer a huge variety of fashion, books, toys, dvds and so on, which are imported directly from Japan. Check out the shirts below to get a glimpse of their set of fashion products.

japanese shirt
A great girly tee for ladies who are "Rated H"!
japanese shirt
A dynamite new wacky T-shirt for you! The cheshire totoro
japanese shirt
Japanese T-Shirt "Beware of Perverts"
japanese shirt
Support the Emperor and Expel the Foreign Barbarians!
japanese shirt
A great T-shirt featuring the Kodama from Princess Mononoke
japanese shirt
Caution: Karoshi! Beware of death from overwork!

My personal favorite is the "Support the Emperor" shirt, which I had to get together with a box of green tea flavored kitkats.

Wish you alot of fun with all the stuff at JList.

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