Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Track of the Day - Electric Eel Shock - Don't say FUCK!

Hi again,

ready to for another dose of untamed, boneshattering Rock'n*fuckin*Roll? Here you go. The best of the best, deliverd by my kind hands for your joyfull headbanging frenzy. And before anyone starts bragging about it ... we all know Electric Eel Shock are NOT a visu but a JRock band. And sorry that I wasn't able to come up with cute boys in sexy dresses. That and the mushy songs are Fei's business. I'm here to rock your world ... and I love it!

So pimp up the volume, stretch your neck and get going, cause this is it, the one and only Electrict Eel Shock with Don't Say Fuck!

Electric Eel Shock - Don't say Fuck

Just say "making love" instead.

Fuck you all :P and especially you Fei hahahahahaha

1 comment:

xiao^fei said...

Fuckadoodledoo! Mushy eh? -_-! *slaps your ass soooooooo fuggin hard!

Oh yeah n fuck you too >_< hhahahahahha what an insane song.