Thursday, June 5, 2008

News and Rumors - Kagrra touring Europe

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some great news my friends, awesome news! After stating their apetite for headlining their own tour on the JRock Incation Episode 1 2007, Kagrra published their concert dates through their label Rock:ID. They are going to visit Europe August 2008, including Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Don't miss your chance to see this great band live!

The dates are:


  • 08-08-17 Klubben, Sweden
  • 08-08-18 Helsinki, Finland
  • 08-08-20 Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 08-08-21 London, UK
  • 08-08-23 Cologne, Germany
  • 08-08-24 Paris, France
  • 08-08-25 Barcelona, Spain

That will be a very busy time for them rushing all across Europe. I hope you have the chance to see them live somewhere nearby. For further information check out their official homepage or their official myspace.

In order to help you survive the long days of waiting till August, check out some quite old but wonderful track coming from Kaggra, Kotodama, one of my alltime visual kei and jrock favorites.

Kagrra - Kotodama

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