Friday, January 4, 2008

News and Rumors - Site Structure and Hello


Today I'd like to keep you up to the date with the restructuring process of this blog and introduce myself to all those who don't already know me. Most people call me Brax, which is an old IRC nick I used in the ancient times of chatting. That's also where I met Fei. Guess most of you know how easy it is to loose contact with people you met in the net, well not with Fei. So after, let me recall it correctly, 7 years now(?), we are still in touch having alot of fun. She was also the one introducing me to jrock and visual kei. All your fault Fei! ... so many bucks I could have saved not buying these awesome CD's and DVD's hahahaha. I just can't deny I'm an addict too.

Now about the structuring of this blog. We added a menu to the top. So far it only consists of links, but when I find the time I'm going to make some buttons out of them with rollover effects and so on. The menu I'm talking about is in the line right below the logo. The one saying "news - bands - tracks ...". By clicking on those you can easily find the sections you are interested in. "Bands" consists of all our band features so far. "Tracks" is about all our "Track of the Day" features. I think you get the point. Hope it helps to get along with the blog navigation, especially when you aren't very used to blogs. The link section is pretty empty so far, that's why you won't find anything there. Once we started affiliating it will be activated. So in case you are thinking about link exchange, just message Fei or me and we will check it out.

So long ... wish you a great time and alot of fun.


Jamaipanese said...

you need to turn me into an addict too :D

xiao^fei said...

>_< It has already begun!