Monday, June 9, 2008

Meet the Goofs - Socialize with us and get paid!


a couple of days ago a friend at HubPages dragged me into a brand new social network and got me addicted instantly. The funny thing is, aside from meeting alot of interesting people and getting them to read my blog I also earn money everytime somebody drops by at my profile. Sounds insane? Oh yes it is, but it pays! And it gets even better.

The place I am talking about is Yuwie. On the first glance it looks like any other social network, you find alot of people blogging, hanging out in groups, discussing, flirting and so on. The funny thing about it is, whenever somebody peeks into your profile you will be paid for that. You won't get rich by just waiting for people to drop by though. The secret lies in referring other users to Yuwie. Because you also earn from their activity. The math is as simple as it can get, refer 10 active users, who refer more users themselves and before you can say "blueberrypancake" you have a huge amount of hits coming in and your funds will skyrocket. It is an avalanche! And since Yuwie is still a baby there are millions of potential users out there we can introduce, refer and socialise with.

If you want to know more about me and my friends just find me at Yuwie. Let's get rich together and have a great time socializing!

Thanks alot for dropping by. Hope to see you in my referral tree soon ;)

If you already are at Yuwie, add me up!

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