Saturday, June 7, 2008

Track of the Day - Sadie - Crimson Tear

Gidday everybody,

today I'd like to present you a great band -Sadie- playing a great song -Crimson Tear- in a video that invoked alot of negative reviews due to the fact that it looks so trashy and cheap, it seems to be spiraled all through time right from the 80's.

But I tell you what, I like it. I like the blood, the puking, the Kyo like style and the bad horror-movie-wanna-be directing. Oh yeah and I love the fact that the blonde chick is scared to hell.

You might consider it offending, scary or just plain bad. Well, tell me about it. The song still rocks and the video always manages to make me giggle. Give it a try, turn up the volume, make sure you have enough space and enjoy the oldschool metal sound with alot of weird screams and growls.

Sadie - Crimson Tear

Now was that fun? ;)

Hope to see you again soon.


BillyWarhol said...

Hilarious Vid!!

Perfect for Sunday Morning!!

;PPP Peace*

xiao^fei said...

:D glad you were able to laugh about it too. It truly is hilarious hehehe