Saturday, June 7, 2008

News and Rumors - SocialSpark goes Live!


about a week ago I was browsing for different social networking and blogging hints and strategies as I learned about SocialSpark and the big advantage it offers to ambitous bloggers. SocialSpark is sort of a cross breed platform that unites different aspects of the all so popular Web 2.0 technologies and combines them to create positive synergies. In the following paragraphs I'd like to explain to you what that means and why I think it has alot to offer to the blogging community, because PayPerPost is so kind to sponsor me for doing it.

If you took a look at our site here and scrolled down a little you will see that I participate in alot of social networking and social bookmarking programs. The emphasis lies on social! Blogging is a very community oriented business and the social aspect behind it is far more important than I would have believed at first. In my naivity I thought that I'd just need to come up with something that interested me, share it and there will be alot of people digging it up in the net instantly. Though this is partially true the vast majority of users passing by this website come from different community portals and social networks, where I joined different groups and added alot of interesting people who also do blogs.

As I mentioned before, I have information about the users arriving on this website and their activities here, because I use different tracking services. Google for example offers sum handy helpers with GoogleAnalytics and the Webmaster Tools. Using these you gain intelligence about how your site performs in search engines, what traffic ranking your site has and whatever you want to know about the people dropping by, their DNA profile ... cellphone PIN ... no problem, Google knows it all. Based on that information a blogger can gain knowledge about what makes users happy and what will cast them away and therefor discover new strategies for more prosperous blogging fun.

I'm still right in the middle of the learning process myself, but I understand the importance and complexity of this and keep on reading about all that more and more in other peoples blogs.

One of the aspects about blogging I was quite suspicious about from the start is the whole monetizing hype. I was familiar with AdSense when I started my first blog and that was about it. When I browsed through bloglists I drowned in a flood of "make money" blogs and it felt weird because I expected to enter a world full of colorful topics, instead there were just a few everybody seemed to blog about. Today I think different. I guess after a couple of months of passing by blogs in which people talk about their earnings I felt a bit silly for not trying it myself. Okay so in the end I joined programs that actually pay you to write about specific topics and so I did. Since this site covers a very special subject of japanese media and I don't have too many users I don't get the big fishes like others, but I had the chance to gain some experience on that sector aswell. So suddenly I was not a fun blogger anymore, I was dealing with customer needs, trying to get some good deals before others did and so on, asif I don't have enough of that in my job.

Now take all my statements from above, the socialising aspects, the intelligence and the monetizing strategies and imagine a single service that combines all that. That's what SocialSpark is! One place for a big set of mighty features. Create a personal profile and monitor your blogs. Join groups about related topics and connect yourself with other users while you browse for the latest monetizing opportunities. All on one single website.

Well it sounds awesome, but I'm not saying it can replace what already worked well for thousands of others. I'm sure it is a useful addition though. It is still quite new, but the more users SocialSpark gets, the more everybody will profit from it. So grab your chance and give it a shot.

Of course you can find me there too.
Please have a look at my SocialSpark profile and add me up.

See you there


Luke Zet said...

Hello I'm Luke Zet,
Nice Blog,
We all started in the position like this when reading thousands of information about making money online, but the thing is that the more paeople mke money the better for all of us. When you make money - we make also.
I'm glad that you do so, and keep it going.

xiao^fei said...

Yes exactly ... the better we do our job, the better our opportunities will get and the more money we will be able to earn. Nice psychological tricks you talk about in your blog :P I will see how I can utilize that.

Thanks alot for dropping by.